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Metal Beads -  Galvanised, Novaplas Coated and Stainless Steel

At Rowebb we offer a wide range of metal and PVC beads.  Our metal beads incorporate galvanised, novaplas coated and stainless steel.  Our PVC beads come in a range of sizes and colours.

Angle Bead   Angle Bead                                                                  3m long - 50no / box
Provides a straight arris that will not easily crack and reinforces the render where it is most required.  The expanded mesh wings of angle beads provide an excellent mechanical key for the render. 
45mm wing
Stop Bead   Stop Bead                                                                    3m long - 50no / box
Used wherever a finished render edge is required.  The straight edge of the profile ensures an accurate finish line, whilst protecting the plaster at its most vulnerable.
Bellcast Bead   Bellcast Bead                                                               3m long - 50no / box
Designed to create a horizontal finished edge at the junction of render and facing bricks, allowing rain water to run from the wall surface.  
Movement Bead   Movement Bead                                                        3m long - 50no / box
Offers a solution to the problem of thermal movement in render.  Formed from two stop beads and a duplex PVC extrusion to provide a 6mm movement.  There is a peel-off tape to the face of the PVC extrusion. 

PVCu Beads   

PVCu beads are ideal for most external and rendering requirements thanks to their durability. They are manufactured In tough composite exterior grade plastic, meeting IS0 9002 standards.

PVCu beads are very to work with and extremely versatile.They are easily formed into curves and circles without cracking and can be easily cut.

Benefits of beads are:

  • Non rusting
  • Offer an excellent sharp finish
  • Safe to handle - non sharp edges
  • Easy to install
  • Scraping/scratching of the surfaces does not show bare metal.

PVC Angle Bead  

CB6 - 6 mm Corner Bead
CB10 - 10mm Corner Bead
CB15 - 15mm Corner Bead

3m long
25no / box

PVC Stop Bead  

RS6 - 6mm Stop Bead
RS10 - 10mm Stop Bead
RS15 - 15mm Stop Beadcoat

2.5m long
25no / box
PVC Bellcast Bead  

B10 - 10mm Bellcast Bead
B 15 - 15mm Bellcast Bead
B20 - 20mm Bellcast Bead

2.5m long
25no / box
PVC Movement Bead  

MJ6 - 6mm Movement Joint Bead
MJ10 - 10mm Movement Joint Bead
MJ15 - 15mm Movement Joint Bead

2.5m long
25no / box


Fixing Recommendations:

We recommend using mortar or adhesive dabs at 150mm centres or along a continuous bed of mortar.  It is best to fix horizontal profiles along a continuous bed of mortar. When using mechanical fixings (we recommend  HSC640 nylon or AMN640 alloy hammer fixings) care should be taken not to deform beads.

Beads should be stored flat and horizontal.

White beads are available from stock, and coloured beads are available to order.

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