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Rowebb provide a wide range of tools for the application of dry dash and render finishes. Some of these are shown below, please contact our office for more details.

Glass Protection Film
Glass Protection Film - 500mmx100m
Used to protect glass and window frames from damage during render and dry dash aggregate application.
       Megamixer MM21 & MM30

Megamixer MM21 & MM30
Used to mix all types of cementitious renders. Available as a single speed or 2 speed, both with a soft start, and with a range of paddles suitable for mixing a variety of different powders.

Right Hand Paddle screw paddle Reverse Spiral Paddle
Right Hand Spiral Screw Paddle Reverse Spiral Paddle
Paddle MR3R 140 MR4 140G + MR4 160G MR3 140G + MR3 160G
Mixing Tub
Mixing Tub - 65 litres & 90 litres
Used for batching renders and plasters with a paddle mixer.
Aluminium Hawk
Aluminium Hawk - 340x340mm
A high quality lightweight and durable hawk.
Magnesium Hawk
Magnesium Hawk - 360x360mm
A well balanced, lightweight durable hawk for the professional applicator. offering a larger surface area without any additional weight.
Permashape Plaster Trowel - various sizes
Very high quality stainless steel trowel for the professional user. These trowels have been "broken-in" to ensure that the best finish can be achieved from the outset.
Taping Knife
Taping Knife - 6"
A taping knife is an excellent tool for the application of small areas of render for beads, scrim cloth and insulation boards. A very manageable size and manufactured from stainless steel, this knife will become an invaluable part of your tool kit.
Premium Plaster Trowel
Premium Plaster Trowel
350x120mm  350x100mm & 300x120mm & 300x100mm

High quality mid priced stainless steel trowel with a soft handle for render and plaster application.
Harling Trowel
Harling Trowel - 150x120mm & 250x120mm
Stainless steel scoop used to apply dry dash aggregates and wet dash / roughcast renders


Render Scraper

Render Scraper - 240x140mm
Spiked float with an open back used for the final texturing scrape renders.

I-Beam -1.2m
Used as a first pass over scratch render before the final finishing with a scratch float. It will remove high spots and make the final texturing easier and more even.
Serrated Feather Edge
Serrated Feather Edge -1m & 1.5m
Used as a first pass over spray applied render to remove air bubbles and application ghosting.
Finishing Spatula
Finishing Spatula - 22"
Used to flatten large areas of render prior to final finishing.
Base Coat Scratcher

Base Coat Scratcher - 12"
Used to create a suitable texture to base coats prior to top coat application

Lattice Plane
Lattice Plane - 11"
Used to remove high spots in render prior to final texturing.  It can also be used to aid texturing if the render has cured deyond it's ideal point.
Angle Plane
Angle Plane -18"
Used to texture render in difficult areas (ingoes and internal corners)
Ashlar Cutter

Ashlar Cutter - 300mm
Used to create a ashlar block effect to scratch renders.  Available in triangular or square blade options

Brush Limeswash

Water Brush
General purpose wall brush       

Square End Trowel
Square End Trowel -120x80mm & 160x110mm
Stainless steel trowel used to apply render dabs and for accessing awkward areas.
Round End Pointing Trowel
Round End Pointing Trowel - 155x45mm
Multi purpose stainless steel trowel. A must for every toolbox.
Round End Tongue Trowel 155x45mm
Round End Tongue Trowel - 155x45mm
Multi purpose stainless steel trowel for those areas that are hard to access.
Margin Trowel

Margin Trowel - 180x50mm
Multi purpose stainless steel trowel for those areas that are hard to access.

Pipe Trowel
Pipe Trowel - 270x80mm
Multi purpose stainless steel trowel for those areas that are hard to access.
Gauging Trowel
Gauging Trowel - 160x110mm
Multi purpose stainless steel trowel for those areas that are hard to access.
Bucket Trowel Round End
Bucket Trowel Round End - 240x140mm
A multi purpose stainless steel trowel for applying dabs and for lifting mixed render from a tub or bucket.
Midget Trowel
Midget Trowel - 200x80mm
Multi purpose stainless steel trowel for those areas that are hard to access.
Leaf & Square
Leaf & Square - 20mm
A versatile tool for applying render and plaster to those tricky areas.
      DTM Tyrolean machine

DTM Tyrolean Machine
Used for the application of Tyrolean render and traditional wetdash / roughcast renders

Spirit Level
Spirit Level - 24" & 48"
Convenient, tough, lightweight and highly accurate toolbox spirit levels.
Cutting Discs
Diamond Cutting Dics - 4.5" & 12"
Diamond cutting discs are a flexible tool for masonry and concrete cutting. It allows almost any large concrete or masonry structure to be cut where other methods are not feasible.
Tape Measure
Tape Measure - 5m & 10m
Vital addition to any toolbox.
Mallets and Hammers
Hammers & Mallets
We offer a versatile range of hammers and mallets.  Guaranteed to get the job done right!
Straight cut snips are ideal for trimming PVC render beads to the required length.
Bolster - 60mm
A masonry bolster chisel. The Rubber Grip on the handle is a sure way to absord the vibrations and protect your hands.  A tool kit must!
Tool Belt
Tool Belt
Double tool belt.
Mixing Bath
Plastic Mixing Bath -160 litres
Used for batching renders and plasters. They can also be used for decanting, mixing and dewatering drydash aggregates prior to application.
Gorilla Tub
Gorilla Tub - 24 litres & 42 litres
A hardwearing, flexible general trug for every application.
Various site tools

Bucket, Wheelbarrows, brushes etc
A complete range of tools for general site use.


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