Kilwaughter Chemical Company are based in Larne, Northern Ireland and have been producing a range of base coats, scratch renders, dash receivers and synthetic thin coat renders for more than 30 years. With the recent addition of an algae inhibitor to complement the silicone additive for improved render performance, the K-Rend range of renders are amongst the most advanced cement based renders on the market.

Rowebb are a Premium K-Rend Distributor in Scotland. This allows us to offer our customers both technical support and a comprehensive range of products from stock.

K-REND basecoats

The K-Rend range includes base coats suitable for most substrates. To ensure you have a successful render system that will offer the performance longevity that you require, it is important to start with the correct base coat. We offer solutions for most substrates including; clay bricks and blocks, insulation boards, lightweight blocks, existing painted and un-painted renders, sandstone and standard blockwork. Please contact our Head Office for technical support and site-specific specifications.

K-Rend UF Standard Basecoat

A standard base coat for new block applications prior to finishing with an approved K-Rend top coat.

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K-Rend UF Fibre Basecoat

A fibre reinforced base coat that can be applied by hand or machine and has been designed for use over metal laths and concrete block where the suction may be slightly higher than usual.

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K-Rend HP12 Basecoat 

Used over difficult substrates, brick, concrete and older properties. With technical support it can be used over previously painted render with the inclusion of scrim cloth and nylon fixings.

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K-Rend HP14 Basecoat

A high polymer base coat that is applied by hand to a variety of substrates, particularly insulation boards. It has been developed as the ideal background for thin-coat renders such as K-Rend Silicone TC.

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K-Rend HPX Basecoat

A very flexible fibre reinforced base coat used over render boards, insulation and lightweight block, with the inclusion of scrim cloth

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K-Rend GP Backing Coat  

A basic pre-blended sand and cement base coat that can be applied by hand only.It is also ideal as a mortar for building brick and block.

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k-rend dash receivers

K-Rend produce a range of dash receivers for use in a variety of areas. From lightweight and sprayable renders to more traditional hand applied renders. The majority of K-Rend top coats include silicone and an algae inhibitor to improve water repellence and reduce and algae and mildew growth.

K-Rend Silicone Overcoat Dash Receiver  

A high performance lightweight dash receiver for general drydash applications that  can be applied by hand. It can be applied by machine, but it will take a bit of “tinkering” to get it to spray.

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K-Rend Silicone Dash Receiver

Applied by hand or machine over an approved K-Rend base coat. It provides a robust substrate for the traditional K-Rend Silicone Roughcast finish or a Decarock Drydash aggregate.

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k-rend smooth / scratch renders

K-Rend scraped texture renders are available with the inclusion of silicone to improve long term performance. Most are suitable for hand or machine application and they offer a contemporary split stone effect and are available in a range of colours.

K-Rend Silicone K1

A fine scratch render that can be applied by either hand or machine. Once finished, it will leave a fine broken stone effect slightly finer to the Silicone FT or “E” Grade finish but still with excellent weathering characteristics.

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K-Rend Silicone FT  

Now superseded by the Silicone K1, but still available to order if required.

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K-Rend LW1

LW1 is a lightweight scratch render specifically designed for use with insulated render and board systems. Technical advice should be sought before using this product.

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k-rend roughcast

Offering a traditional render finish favoured in conservation areas and is the modern version of a site batched wetdash or roughcast render.

K-Rend Silicone Roughcast 

Incorporating a 4-6mm limestone aggregate, this render is applied over a coat of silicone dash receiver in the same colour as the top coat.

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k-rend thin-coat

Offering a traditional render finish favoured in conservation areas and is the modern version of a site batched wetdash or roughcast render.

K-Rend TC Primer 

TC Primer is used to equalise and prepare the previously applied K-Rend base coat in preparation of applying the TC15 or TC30 thin coat render finish.

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K-Rend TC15

A silicone based thin coat render to be used over a previously applied and cured K-rend base coat. The 1.5mm aggregate inclusion creates a fine finish. 

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K-Rend TC30

A silicone based thin coat render to be used over a previously applied and cured K-rend base coat. The 3.0 mm aggregate inclusion creates a fine finish. 

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k-rend special products

K-Rend Colour Enhance

Colour enhance is a breathable paint used for overpainting new scratch renders. Colour enhance is tinted to mimic the standard K-Rend colours. This will offer improved weather performance without requiring any additional maintenance.

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K-Lime offers a range of heritage lime products. This includes 3 grades of prebagged lime plaster/render, a roughcast binder and a range of lime paints. Technical support should be sought when using these products. These products are available to order.

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K-Pro is a clear breathable coating that can be applied to new and old renders to improve the weather performance and reduce potential maintenance requirements.

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K-Rend Accelerator

K-Rend accelerator is designed to reduce the setting time for K-Rend scratch renders. This may allow a render to be applied and finished during a single visit which can reduce costs on smaller areas. It should be noted that this is not a frost proofer and normal working temperatures apply.

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K-Rend R7 Acrylic

R7 acrylic is used to prime absorbent, non absorbent and difficult substrates prior to the application of the suitable K-Rend base coat. Once applied R7 should be allowed to become tacky before applying the suitable base coat.

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K-Rend Scrim Mesh

Scrim cloth is used to reinforce all K-Rend base coats in all areas of rendering. Whilst it adds no structural integrity to a building, it can help to improve the long-term performance of the finished render

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K-Rend Algae Clean

Algae Clean is used to maintain a fresh and clean render. It can be used with all K-Rend renders (and others) and should be applied on an annual basis or when deemed required by the client. This product is normally diluted 1:2 with fresh water although it can be used neat for areas with heavier contamination.

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k-rend support & resources

  For the full K-Rend colour range and colour swatch simulator for scraped and thin-coat renders..

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  Watch our video of K-Rend Silicone K1 being spray applied directly onto new blockwork.

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