Delivery Information

At Rowebb we do everything we can to ensure a smooth and successful delivery process, this is especially so when handling building materials due to their size and weight. Whilst our drivers will do everything they can to deliver the goods to your requested location, they are unable to carry the goods up/down steps or into your property, their service is to deliver to the nearest kerbside as conveniently and safely as possible.

Where possible your order will arrive on your requested day but typically our deliveries are on a Monday-Friday between 8am and 4pm unless agreed or advised otherwise.

Once we receive your online order, we will process this and contact you when this is available for delivery or collection to ensure everything runs smoothly.

When you receive your delivery you should check that everything is in good condition and the quantities match those on the delivery note. If there is any dispute, concern or disagreement it is essential that you contact us whilst the driver is on-site so we can establish exactly what issues have arisen and how best to rectify them. As your order will be wrapped onto a wooden pallet, it will be your responsibility to dispose of packaging and pallets after use.

We are reliant on you, to provide us with as much relevant information as possible to ensure delivery can be executed effectively.

Render Accessories

Smaller items such as render accessories and ancillary items can of course be collected from your local Rowebb depot or we can arrange for them to be delivered to your door by either Royal Mail or parcel couriers APC or DX during weekdays Monday-Friday and normally between the hours of 8:30am – 6:00pm, although normally most deliveries will arrive in the afternoon.

Please ensure that there is someone over the age of 18 years to receive and sign for your delivery.

Your order will be delivered to the to the delivery address that was provided to us at the time of ordering. We will also advise you of any tracking information when this has become available to us, the driver may also contact you to advise when to expect him. 

What we can do

In order to avoid any confusion and to ensure a safe and secure delivery, please consider the points below:


– Your order will arrive on a UK standard pallet depending on the quantity of your order.  Maximum weights and dimensions for using a tail-lift delivery service are as follows;

Length:  120cm    –    Width:  120cm    –    Height:  up to 220cm

Weight:  up to 1000kg



– Ensure adequate access for an HGV truck to get as close to your property as possible. Imagine a vehicle the size of a bin lorry.  It must fit easily down your street and be able to park at the front of your property and have adequate space to off-load your pallet(s).



– On occasion pallets will be removed from the vehicle using a tail-lift, so ensure there is sufficient space for this to happen. For the safety of the driver, we can only use a tail-lift vehicle on hard level ground, with no slopes. If the driver feels that there are factors that may hinder or compromise any safety regulations, he can refuse to complete the delivery. In which case you may be liable for additional failed delivery charges.
Pallets are removed from the tail-lift and to the kerbside using a hand pallet truck.  The driver cannot pull a pallet truck over loose gravel, cobbles, grass or over very high kerbs.  It will then be your responsibility to move the goods from the kerbside to your property, this is not the responsibility of the driver.

What you can do

In order to avoid any confusion and to ensure a safe and secure delivery, please consider the points below:

– Please provide us with a telephone number, ideally two, to make sure the driver can get in touch.  Also the full delivery/site address including postcode.


– Make sure you request a delivery date that you will be present for, otherwise you may be liable for additional failed delivery charges.  A responsible adult over the age of 18 years must be present to sign for and confirm receipt of delivery. Repeated or failed deliveries will not only cost you money, but are harmful to the environment.


– Be sure to tell us of any road restrictions that may affect access including roadworks, bridge weight or underpass height restrictions, parking restrictions or charges, narrow lanes or pedestrian crossings with limited times for HGV access etc. This also includes if you live near a school where parking time restrictions may apply due to grid-locked traffic. Any information that we ought to know about will allow us to make provisional preparations and avoid potential failed delivery charges to yourself.


– We can only deliver kerbside on hard level ground.  The driver cannot pull a hand pallet truck over loose gravel, cobbles, grass or over very high kerbs. If in doubt, send us a picture of your desired location for delivery and we will double check with the courier to see if this is possible.


Once we receive your order we will contact you via phone to advise you of potential delivery dates.