Scotrend is a Rowebb brand of pre-bagged render suitable for new-build and refurb projects from small extensions to full housing developments. These cement based renders are manufactured to ISO9001 and offer savings, flexibility and improved quality over traditional on-site batched products. Offering consistent colour, texture and quality, these renders have been developed specifically to meet the rigours of the UK construction market.

We offer both traditional and contemporary render finishes suitable for most substrates. They are a blend of carefully selected sands, aggregates, cements and special additives, offering consistent colour and texture and a high degree of weather protection. They can be all be applied by hand, although there are a number of specialist products available that can be applied by a spray render machine.

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Base coats

Scotrend offers a range of high-quality base coats to suit different requirements and applications.

The range includes Standard Base Coat, Hypol Base Coat, and Spraybase. The Standard Base is a cementitious render that provides a solid and durable base for any Scotrend finish. It can be hand-applied or sprayed and is suitable for use on a variety of substrates.

Hypol Base Coat is a polymer-modified base coat that provides additional flexibility and strength compared to the standard base. This makes it ideal for use on substrates that are prone to movement or cracking. The Hypol Base Coat is easy to mix and apply, and provides excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.

Finally, Spraybase is a cementitious sprayable base coat that provides a smooth and even base for any Scotrend finish. It is designed for use with a spray machine and can be applied quickly and efficiently.

Overall, Scotrend’s base coat range offers a variety of options to suit different requirements and applications.

Top Coats

Scotrend offers a range of high-quality top coats to be used alongside the base coats.

The range includes Standard Dash, One Coat Dash, and Trowel Finish. The Standard Dash is a hand applied dash receiver, designed specifically for a drydash system that provides a durable finish.

One Coat Dash or OCD is a high polymer cement dash receiver, it can be applied by hand or machine over a Scotrend Base Coat, or as a 1 coat/2 pass render to a suitable substrate offering a significant time saving on site.

Finally, Trowel Finish is used as a finish to standard or hypol base coats and is suitable for floating, sponging or finishing as a smooth render.

Overall, Scotrend’s top coat range offers a variety of options to suit different requirements and applications, available in the standard colour range.