Scotrend is a Rowebb brand of pre-bagged render suitable for new-build and refurb projects from small extensions to full housing developments. These cement based renders are manufactured to ISO9001 and offer savings, flexibility and improved quality over traditional on-site batched products. Offering consistent colour, texture and quality, these renders have been developed specifically to meet the rigours of the Scottish construction market.

scotrend basecoats

The Scotrend range includes basecoats suitable for most substrates.  To ensure you have a successful render system applied to your building that will offer the performance that you require, it is important to select the correct base coat.  We offer solutions for most substrates including; clay bricks and blocks, insulation boards, lightweight blocks, existing painted and un-painted renders, sandstone and blockwork. Please contact our Head Office for technical support and site-specific specifications.      

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Scotrend Standard Basecoat

A hand applied base coat suitable for standard concrete blocks

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Scotrend SprayBase  

A machine applied base coat suitable for standard concrete blocks

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Scotrend Hypol Fibre Basecoat

A fibre reinforced base coat for difficult substrates & laths

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scotrend top coats

Our Scotrend Top Coats are available in a variety of options and a range of standard colours. These are very consistent and user friendly with a high degree of protection.

Scotrend Standard Dash Receiver 

A traditional, factory batched dry dash receiver used as a topcoat over a prepared Scotrend Base Coat, and is suitable for most drydash projects.

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Scotrend OCD One Coat Dash   

A high polymer cement dash receiver, Scotrend OCD can be applied by hand or machine over a Scotrend Base Coat, or as a 1 coat/2 pass render to a suitable substrate offering a significant time saving on site. 

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Scotrend TF Trowel Finish

A traditional, factory batched finishing render.  It is used as a finish to Scotrend Base Coat and is suitable for floating, sponging or finishing as a smooth render. 

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Scotrend RX

Scotrend RX is a polymer enhanced one-coat, cement based, water resistant, self-coloured decorative render.
It can be hand or machine applied.

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Scotrend Sprayrend

Scotrend Sprayrend can be applied by hand or spray machine and once finished with a suitable scratch float, offers a contemporary broken stone effect.

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scotrend support & resources

     For guidance on our Scotrend colour range available from stock and those to order.

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   Watch our video of Scotrend Spraydash application using Ritmo spray machine.

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