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Saint-Gobain Weber, the worldwide leader in mortar-based solutions with 10,000 people in 60 countries supported by almost 200 production units.

Rejuvenate existing buildings or provide a high quality finish for new build projects with a durable weather resistant surface. This range of render systems offers fast application onto a variety of substrates and includes traditional and contemporary finishes.

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Weber offers a range of high-quality basecoat renders that are specially designed to provide a strong and durable base for various systems. These basecoats are formulated to provide excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including concrete, brickwork, and blockwork, and are polymer-modified to enhance their strength and flexibility. They are easy to mix and apply, and can be used by hand or with a spray machine.

The range of basecoat renders includes LAC Rapid, OCR, and Weberend Aid, each with its own unique properties and benefits. These products are all designed to provide a reliable and long-lasting basecoat that will ensure the success of your  project!

Top Coats

Weber provides a range of top coats that offer a variety of finishes to suit different applications. These top coats are designed to provide the final layer of protection and aesthetic appearance to any render system. From traditional cementitious finishes to modern thin coat organic finishes, Weber has a top coat solution to fit any project.

These top coats are also available in a range of colors, allowing for customisation and personalisation of the final appearance. Whether it’s a smooth, fine-textured finish or a more rugged, textured finish, Weber’s range of top coats has a finish to meet every need!