Rowebb now offer a range of standard metal laths and paperback stucanet lath online to order!

The metal lath section of our website offers a range of products for rendering and plastering applications. Standard galvanised lath and Stucanet are available, along with fixings.

Standard galvanized lath is a reinforcement layer for wall coatings, while Stucanet has a paper backing that helps to prevent moisture from penetrating through the lath and into the substrate, reducing the risk of corrosion over time. The paper backing can also make the Stucanet easier to cut and handle during installation.

Metal Laths & Stucanet


If you’re looking for fixings to use with our metal lath products, we have a range of options available.

For timber frame applications, we recommend SBS Fixings. These are available in both Galvanised and Stainless Steel. For masonry systems we would typically advise our DIPK fixings which are available in many different sizes to suit all kind of jobs.