It’s that time of year again…. Your render may be looking a bit grubby and maybe there are a few stains? Autumn is the best time of year to clean down your render and kill that red or green algae before it takes hold. A wash down with some Alkem will kill the algae and give your render a chance to shine. A small hand vacuum pump and spray the walls with diluted Alkem from your local Rowebb depot (using suitable PPE obviously…) and just leave it to work its magic. By the Spring you will be able to have a look and see if you need to carry out any small repairs and maybe consider a coat of weather protection or a suitable paint. Remember to take advice from render professionals about weather protection products and paints – It is imperative that these products are suitable for your render. These products¬† must be more breathable than the render it is applied to and they must be specifically designed for use with your render. Using the wrong products can lead to significant damage to your render so take advice before you act!