Rock Salt

Rock Salt : An essential for every household from December to March.

Get your heating system serviced and grab some Rock Salt from Rowebb. It should be an annual purchase, but there is no doubt that the year you forget to top up your stock, will be the very year you need it the most and stocks run out. We hold stock all year round to make sure we can always supply the demand. During the heaviest times of use, everyone can run out as the supplies go to the government to keep the roads open, so buy early to avoid disappointment.

We hold white Rock Salt as standard, but sometimes we get some Red if stocks are short or prices sky high. We don’t dilute our Rock Salt unless stocks are getting extremely low, and then we only use a high grade crushed granite aggregate to add friction whilst extending the spread of limited stocks. We work very closely with our suppliers throughout the year to ensure we can access more than our fair share of Rock Salt when things get tough.

Remember to get one of our snow shovels to shift the snow before putting down your Rocksalt

This item cannot be purchased online currently please call us on 0141 548 6010